The Friends of North Heath Committee is a friendly and active group of parents and carers, all committed to supporting our school and its pupils by raising funds. Some members are full-time parents, some work part-time, or work full-time. None of us are experts in fundraising but we all play our part in working together as a team which is very rewarding. Click here to see your current Committee members.

The ‘Friends’ benefits from and depends upon a continual cycle of parent/carer involvement.

Whilst the 'Friends' functions successfully in an informal manner, there is a basic structure within which the 'Friends' operates.

Key Elements of the Committee Structure

  • Constitution: (governing document - available upon request)

  • Members: (every parent & carer of pupils at North Heath CP School is automatically a member of the ‘Friends’, as are all Teaching / Non-Teaching staff. Plus, any persons wishing to offer appropriate support or help who is deemed suitable as a member by the Committee e.g. grandparents, members of the local community.

  • Elected Committee: (a team of volunteers elected at the Annual General Meeting to manage the association on behalf of its members)

  • Trustees: (as a registered charity all elected committee members, Officer and Ordinary, automatically become Trustees)

  • Friends Volunteers: (parents, carers and school staff who support ‘Friends’ events and activities but who are not members of the elected committee. Volunteers are an invaluable resource and help in a variety of ways such as manning stalls or setting up for events.) Pre Loved Uniform Co-ordinator is such role.

Roles within 'Friends'

If you are interested in supporting the ‘Friends’, the following information aims to help parents and carers identify a role best suited to them.

Click here to make contact.

  • Chair: If you are calm, friendly and approachable with the ability to remain impartial this is the role for you

  • Treasurer: If you are organised with an eye for detail and a basic understanding of book keeping this is the role for you

  • Secretary: If you are good at listening with an approachable and organised nature this is the role for you

  • Communication Officer: If you are organised and a good communicator this is the role for you

  • Pre Loved Uniform Co-Ordinator: Help FoNH reduce, reuse and recycle. If you are organised and approachable this is the role for you