Special Events

Keep an đź‘€ out for future 'Special Events' announcements here!

Pre Loved Uniform Event

TUESDAY 24 MAY 2.50PM to 3.15PM. Infant's Playground

Donations only event meaning everything will be FREE unless donations wish to be given. For donations, cash or card can be used at there will be a contactless card machine available.

The Friends of North Heath CP School will be running another FREE uniform event at their upcoming Summer Fair, for which volunteers are being sought here.

A Gift to Spare?

Did you receive an item this Christmas that you will never use but is too good to leave sat at the back of a cupboard?

Why not donate it to your school’s associated charity, Friends of North Heath, and help raise valuable funds to purchase CleverTouch® screens for your child/ ren’s school.

Donate your item by dropping it off @ the SCHOOL OFFICE (labelled for FoNH) for FoNH to collect

Coins/Notes Collection - 2022

Do you have any unwanted coins or notes which you could gather together from friends and family?

This year FoNH will run a coins/notes collection. This will then be sent away and what we send will be converted into FoNH fundraising cash.

We are đź‘€ for coins/notes you no longer want:

  • foreign coins or notes;

  • old British/Irish currency;

  • farthings to old 50 pence;

  • old, obsolete currency.

Literally anything that is or was once money can be collected!

Please note current UK currency coins/notes donated will be banked. Later this year we'll publish full details around the collection and its date.

Friends of North Heath Community Recipe Book

It's Here!!

Thank you for supporting the Friends of North Heath Recipe Book. A team of volunteers have typed up the recipes, and we are now ready for you to buy your own online copy!

The recipes have come from our North Heath community and are tried and tested by the senders. Some people were even brave enough to include a photo of their creations; if that was you, well done! Friends of North Heath haven’t tried them all out ourselves, we are leaving that to you. We hope you find a new family favourite within the pages.

Please donate ÂŁ3 (or more if you choose!) using the Donorbox link here: and we will email you back with your e-book link!

North Heath Fun Play-Park Trail

Friends of North Heath have put together a fun activity to keep your kids entertained over the term and beyond with our Play-Park Mission!

The Queen is in mortal danger! Billy Explosion has planted a huge bomb under Buckingham Palace, where the Queen is trapped! Billy has hidden clues to stop the bomb in the one place he knows adults won’t go – play-parks. MI5 need YOUR CHILDREN to find the clues, stop the bomb and save the Queen!

To get your Fun Play-Park Trail simply make a donation by clicking here (suggested donation is ÂŁ4) and we will email you back with the trail. If you successfully find the answer and save the Queen, email us back.

Our trail is part of our efforts to fundraise for CleverTouch® screens. With two classrooms per year group, and 14 classrooms in total, we are seeking to immediately raise enough funds to buy screens for the year group classrooms which haven’t yet had the funding to be able to have these screens fitted.

Anyone can immediately help us make a difference now by donating. If just 420 people donated ÂŁ5 each we could buy one screen. Thank you for donating.