Pre-Loved Uniform

Reduce, reuse, recycle with us!

£4 each for logoed fleeces,

£2 for logoed sweatshirts & cardigans,

50p each for polo shirts,

£1 each for everything else!

Missed a uniform sale? See how to request items below.

FoNH do not sell uniform via any Facebook uniform selling sites. However an independent uniform donation page has kindly been setup by one of our amazing School Community

Donate uniform

If you have unwanted uniform to donate, you can do so during term-time.

Please note that all clean and dry items need to be bagged. They can be handed into the School Office by 9.00am.

Please see below for more information about items we can and can't accept.

Uniform Sales

With the School open to all pupils we are again permitted to run Uniform Sales, after school, on the Playgrounds.

  • Hand sanitiser is available for use before and after the sale.

  • Clothing rails will be set apart to permit social distancing.

  • Contactless payment payment is available. Exact cash only. No change given.

  • Donations can be accepted, on the day, however they may not be available, for sale, due to being checked for saleability first.

Buying uniform outside the sales

As parents/carers ourselves we understand that, sometimes, you just can't get to our uniform sales.

However, as unpaid volunteers with our own work and home commitments, we would appreciate you getting to a sale, if you can. We don't have enough resources to operate more than an ad hoc uniform request operation.

If you missed a uniform sale requests for pre-loved uniform may be made by emailing with a subject of FoNH Pre-Loved Uniform and detailing your name, email address, mobile number, items requested and quantity required. No refunds for unwanted uniform items.


  • Place your request.

  • Items will be checked against stock and, if available, bagged. We will email you to confirm result with costs.

  • Ideally pay via our online donation portal Donorbox or exact cash (on collection). No cheques, sorry.

  • Within 72 hours of your request (term time permitting), you can pick up your items from our onsite location.

More info about donating


Sweatshirts and cardigans with the school logo

Yellow polo shirts, with or without the school logo

Grey trousers, jumpers, cardigans, skirts, pinafores and shorts

Yellow summer dresses

PE t-shirts with or without the school logo

Black PE shorts or joggers

Fleeces with the school logo

If you can manage to leave the size information intact, that is much appreciated.


Socks, tights*


School Shoes*

Yellow School logo-ed book bags ^

Items with broken zips, holes, staining

* Please donate these items at our next Bag2School collection.

^ Please consider donating these items to the School so they can support future families in need.

Please note that we are NOT accepting donations of anything other than uniform except by prior arrangement or on our set donation days. We only have limited storage. If you do have something you want us to have, you must contact us before donating.